Vietnam Dagang International Building Materials Exhibition

- Apr 11, 2019-

Exhibition name: VIETBUILD DA NANG

Exhibition size: less than 10,000

Exhibition time: May 15-19, 2019

Venue: Asia - Vietnam

Exhibition industry: building materials

Exhibition Introduction: VIETBUILD DA NANG is jointly organized by Vietnam Construction and Exhibition Company and the provincial and municipal governments of Vietnam. It is a series of exhibitions held annually in important cities such as Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Da Nang in Vietnam. Each exhibition attracts more than 20 from all over the world. National and regional companies exhibiting.

Exhibition criteria

1. Building decoration materials: paint, chemical paint, decorative sheet, wall tile, granite, marble, decorative stone, wallpaper, carpet, wooden floor, etc.

2, bathroom facilities, kitchen facilities: sanitary ware, sauna jacuzzi, steam shower room and related equipment; cabinets, stoves, kitchen appliances and related accessories.

3, glass and processed glass: architectural glass, decorative glass, industrial glass, special glass, glass deep-processing products.

4, doors and windows, lighting and supporting hardware: plastic steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, wood and other doors and windows; automatic, rotating, remote control, anti-theft, fire, garage and other special purpose special doors; construction hardware: handles, hinges, locks, hinges , door closers and other hardware accessories; electricians, electrical materials, lamps, lighting and so on.

5. Building materials: waterproof sealing materials, thermal insulation, anti-rust and thermal insulation materials, various adhesives, caulking agents, structural adhesives; water supply and drainage, pipeline products and technology; ordinary cement, special cement, admixtures and cement products Wait.

6, ventilation equipment and construction electrical, electrical: air conditioning, radiators; indoor and outdoor electrical, electrical equipment and technology; switches, sockets and other electrical control components; protection and safety control equipment; access control systems.

7. Structural building materials: new products of steel, various metals and steel structures; steel structure design, analysis and drawing software.

8. All kinds of building materials production technology, technology, machinery and equipment: cement equipment, glass equipment, building sanitary ceramic equipment, building materials and new building materials equipment, glass fiber and glass steel equipment, non-metallic mineral equipment; construction and installation Mechanical equipment, construction fire equipment equipment and products, intelligent building facilities, anti-refractory materials, etc.