Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City International Building Materials Decoration And Home Furnishing Exhibition

- Nov 06, 2020-

Vietnam Building Materials Decoration and Home Furnishing Exhibition VIETBUILD HOME is hosted by the Ministry of Construction and Municipal Government of Vietnam, and hosted by AFC Exhibition Company. It is an international exhibition focusing on construction, building materials, decorative products and real estate. It will be held on December 19-23, 2019. It was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

High professionalism: The exhibition is one of the most influential and highly specialized expos in Vietnam and even Southeast Asia, and one of the most attractive international expos in Southeast Asia. It not only covers a wide range of products, but also provides exhibitors and visitors with an opportunity to understand the Vietnamese environmental protection market and obtain business opportunities, allowing them to conduct business exchanges and cooperation with Vietnamese buyers and suppliers on new economic and trade cooperation and technological development.

Broad platform: Vietnam, as one of the ASEAN member states, in addition to rich labor resources and low expenses, the market potential is also developing rapidly, attracting many foreign companies to invest here, and the exhibition is an important platform to open the Vietnamese and even Southeast Asian markets one.

Great influence: The exhibition is a professional B2B trade show that attracts famous companies from all over the world and tens of thousands of international audiences every year. The exhibition has a large number of visitors and the exhibition has a significant effect. 80% of exhibitors have also expressed their meeting. Participate in the next session.

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